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About the Gallery

The Imaginary Gallery (a very personal gallery) is a digital space to share art, ideas, experiences and more. The project was born out of the necessity for an open space to be able to exhibit and document personal artwork, that otherwise would not be able to see the light of day. In 2008, after I left art school in Peru, I lost most of my work. I moved homes, countries, changed careers, and did a terribly poor job at recording, photographing and saving my production. I simply did not do any justice to it. I thought I didn't need an imaginary gallery back then, but I did, and I do now.   

I cannot recover the lost pieces and creations of years ago, but I can do a better job with the ones of today. At the Imaginary Gallery, you will find an array of school projects, personal creations, organized and unorganized thoughts among other pieces that I consider worth collecting. Welcome to the Imaginary Gallery, I hope you enjoy the ride!

Monica Jimenez Sablich

Founder & Curator

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