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Data Visualization

Partnering for Design Success


About the project

About the project - Data

You have been hired as a Junior Designers to a growing 

design firm looking to take on new non-profit social health clients to complement the work with healthcare and hospitals. You will be asked to create several public education assets, re: a specific social health issue to bring awareness to the issue and to inform stakeholders, and/or the public. 

You will create a range of products (assets), including: 

1) An information graphic, 18” x 24” final, if print 

2) A publication to be printed 8 pp. minimum. 

3) A digital or 3-D element, analog, or digital. 

Partnering with an experienced graphic design team ensures that your organizational image achieves maximum positive impact on your target audiences. 


About M+E Design Collective

M+E Design Collective is a team of creative design specialists. Our expertise spans more than just in creating compelling designs; we also specialize in end-to-end project management to ensure that the designs we create achieve your desired outcomes. We work with you to evolve your ideas from concept to finished project. 

Our areas of specialization include: 

  • Visual identity and brand standards development

  • Print design including brochures, corporate presentations, annual reports, advertisements, business cards, etc. 

  • Website design 

  • Display design 


Our Team: 

Erin Christoph 

Erin Christoph is a graphic design student with experience in print, digital, and web design. In the past 12 months, she has worked as a graphic designer for Transformative Management Solutions and interned at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Her interests include maps, data visualization, and digital art. 

Monica Jimenez 

Monica Jimenez is a Peruvian Artist and Designer currently living and working in the United States. She has focused on Graphic Design for the last 7 years, and has worked as an in-house as well as a freelance designer for companies, schools and non-profit organizations. Her passion is in developing beautiful and useful creative pieces with a compelling message that connect people in different levels. She likes to focus on print and digital design. 

Project Overview: 

Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center is looking to share information about the organization and the work they do across two main target audiences: service receivers and possible donors. The materials requested have to keep these audiences in mind and be developed in English and/or Spanish as it may apply. 


Stats booklet 

Informational Organization Brochure

Infographic about domestic violence

Process Book

Process Book - Data

Stats Booklet

Stats Book - Data
Brochure - Data



Poster - Data
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