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Accordion Book

Building Blocks of Form


About the project

About the project - Accordion

This project is a study in collection, classification, organization and exploration through an exhaustive

collection of images. Most important is to begin to see this image collection not so much as a recording of a subject, or a place or even a thing but the framing and isolation of distinct visual elements.

We were asked to continually try out new ideas and options with the intention not of creating a single

final outcome, but to see multiple outcomes, and outcomes only as possible solutions that lead to

other outcomes. In other words, a never-ending process of iterating and asking questions.

We collected 1000 images. The final project was creating an accordion book using a max of 21.


5x1 and 5x3

5x1 and 5x3 - Accordion

Accordion Book

Accordion Book - Accordion
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