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Looking for markers


About the project

About the project - Markers

When I started thinking about markers I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for. Markers could be so many things: time, places, seasons, signs. Markers are out there, sometimes already highlighted for us. But those are not exactly the markers I am looking for.


I am not a local in this city, nevertheless, this is the city where I belong now and for the near future. This river feels so familiar, these trails seem so inviting. Little by little, I am creating a personal archive of memories and significant places. I want to see what’s not marked. I want to find out what is there to be seen. I want to see what you see.

What are those unmarked places that only the people


who embrace their surroundings know about? Where are they? Is there a story behind? How does my story intertwine with them? 


This project is a collection of data, pictures, interviews and sound around the James River to see if I find that “something” that perhaps never existed, but I am still looking for.


Images - Markers


Video - Markers


Reader - Markers
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