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South of the River

A derive journey around the James River Parks & Trails


About the project

About the project - Journey

"No man ever steps

In the same river twice,

for it is not the same river

and he's not the same man"

- Heraclitus-


As designers we are often asked to think in terms of sequence and trajectory. Way finding systems help guide us around spaces. Publications parse out knowledge over time through a series of pages, markers and prompts.

Cartography is a practice that presents landscape, 

seascape, and even outer space to us. There is a hierarchy of information involved in all these forms.

We also encounter codified symbols, a decided visual

language and typographic style that helps hold all the elements together and keeps us moving on the journey to understanding the terrain or content presented to us. This is my journey through different places around the south side of the James River.


1. In class, talk to a classmate about your journey to our class this morning. 

Q: The specific route you took 

A: I have two routes to go from my house to school. It depends if I am on a rush and I don’t mind paying tolls or if I’m ok in time and I don’t want to pay a toll.

I either take Forest Hill to Semmes Ave and cross the river. I continue on Belvidere and Grove until I get to Harrison and I park, normally on the 3rd floor.

This is my no-toll route.

If I’m in a hurry I take Westover Hills and cross the nickel bridge (now the $0.35 bridge) and keep going through Arthur Ashe Boulevard until W. Broad Street. I turn in Harrison and park my car, normally on the 3rd floor. 

Q: Is the route you took your regular trajectory? If so why, if not why?

A: It is mostly my regular trajectory (I try avoiding tolls as much as I can if possible). I made an extra stop to get a piece of paper, so I went to Plaza Art this morning. Normally, I would walk on Harrison until getting to the Pollak Building.

Q: What stops did you make?

A: One stop at Plaza Art this morning, but that is not my normal routine.

Q: What did you notice today that was different from other days?

A: Honestly, I feel like not much was different, but I cannot say that the day repeats to a T. I don’t tend to see the same cars or people, nor when driving

or walking. I don’t think I even see the same cars when I park

Q: What are things that are usual and particular to this trip?

A: The river is a constant on my trip since I am on the other side. Driving is a constant as well, as it is parking at the Broad Street Parking Deck.

Q: What other kinds of journeys, progressions, trajectories can you map out on to this physical travel

* emotional journey

A: Lately I have been really tired and I realize that I have been complaining (to myself) a lot about work.

* intellectual journey

A: I tend to listen to podcasts or Ted Talks. Sometimes I just get the radio.

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