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Violence has

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About the project

About the project - Violence

The final project for this class was to work individually and create a reader. This project was not an annual report but it had to be both informative and content-driven. 

A visual concept and aesthetic were critical to the success of reader, as well as basic formal competence. Content included, in addition to texts found online, a range of materials including images, interviews, articles, and any other content that could bring our topics to life. 

My project was around domestic violence from a cultural point of view, since the organization I chose (and I work for) Serves Spanish-speaking victims of violence and injustice. Initially, it was hard to step away of the typical images portraying the topic. It took me a couple of tries to figure out that what I wanted to highlight was the cultural side of this topic, and approach it with pre-hispanic images.



Reader - Violence

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